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Health Office

Montclair High School Health Office

Hae Chung
Credentialed School Nurse
Phone: (909) 621-6781 Ext 2005


Yolanda Alvarez
Health Services Assistant 
Phone: (909) 621-6781 Ext 2006


Health Forms

Immunization Requirements

Health Services

The health office is staffed with full time credentialed school nurse and health technician during school hours.

All students must have an updated emergency card on file in the health office (California Education Code 49403).

All students should come to the health office with a pass. The health office will contact parents, and, with their permission, will issue an Off Campus permit to go home or return to class.  Under no circumstances are students to leave the campus without first obtaining a pass through the health office or guidance office.

If it is necessary for a student to receive medication at school, he/she must have a written permission from both the parent and the physician (this includes over the counter medications).  All medication must come to school in its original, labeled container (no baggies, etc).  Students can obtain a form from the Health Office.  Students are not allowed to carry any medications without authorization.

Health information is confidential and will only be shared with staff that need to know and should be kept in the appropriate and safe space in the classroom. If a student has a known health problem, such as diabetes, and asked to go the health office, a teacher should send a buddy with student who many need assistance.

The school nurse should be called if an injury/accident occurs in or around the classroom before a 911 call is initiated but if it is an emergency or life threatening, call 911 first. First aid and emergency care will be given by the school nurse or other trained school personnel and an administrator will manage the situation if the school nurse is not available.

The school will have an annual hearing test for 10th graders and cooperate with the County Health department for any reportable communicable diseases and immunization requirement.