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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

English    40 credits
Math 20 credits, including one year of integrated math
Science 20 credits
  10 credits - Physical Science
  10 credits - Life Science
Social Science 30 credits
  10 credits - World History/Culture and Geography
  10 credits - U.S. History
  5 credits - American Government
  5 credits - Economics
Physical Education 20 credits
  10 credits recommended to be taken in both the 9th and 10th grades.
  Postponements will be considered on an individual basis.
Computer Technology 5 credits
Or pass the CJUHSD computer proficiency test (no credits issues)
World Language or Fine Arts 10 credits
World Language or Fine Arts (includes all classes in Visual/Performing Arts)
Focus Area Requirement

20 additional credits shall be taken in a specific area of focus as follows:

  • Fine Arts (includes all Visual/Performing Arts Classes)
  • Business Education
  • Home Economics
  • Industrial Technology
  • JROTC (not available at all schools)
  • World Language
  • Academic/College
    • 20 credits in core academic areas that enable a student to meet the A-G course entrance requirements for the UC and CSU system.
    • Students may use ROP courses to satisfy the 20 credit requirement if the course work is within one of the above focus area categories as an approved career pathway. Work Experience courses up to 10 credits may count toward the focus area requirement if the work experience is within a focus area and the objective of gaining advanced knowledge in the area.


Electives 65 or 70 credits
  If the computer technology requirement is met by examination, the student will be required to complete 70 elective credits.



 Freshman Year (Ninth Grade)

English I (two semesters) - required
Physical Science I (two semesters) - required
Math – Algebra or Geometry (two semesters) - required Physical Education (two semesters) - required
Foreign Language or elective (two semesters) - required
Elective (two semesters) - required

Sophomore Year (Tenth Grade)

English II (two semesters) - required
Biology (two semesters) - required
Math Geometry or Algebra II (two semesters) - required Physical Education (two semesters) - required
World History/Culture (two semesters) - required
Foreign Language or elective (two semesters) - required

Junior Year (Eleventh Grade)

English III (two semesters) - required
U.S. History (two semesters) - required
Elective/Chemistry (two semesters) - required
Elective/Math (two semesters) - required
Elective (two semesters) - required
Elective (two semesters) - required

Senior Year (Twelfth Grade)

English IV (two semesters) - required
Economics (one semester) - required
Government (one semester) - required
Elective (two semesters) - required
Elective (two semesters) - required

University of California/California State UniversityMinimum Course Requirements ("A-G" P):

Required “C” or better grade on transcript
Social Science 2 years
English 4 years
Math 3 years (4 recommended: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus)
Laboratory Science 2 years (3 recommended: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy)
Foreign Language 2 years (3 years recommended – same language)
Visual/Performing Arts 1 year
College Prep Electives 1 year (Advanced coursework selected from: History, English, Advanced Math, Lab Science, Foreign Language, Social Studies, and Fine Arts)



SAT I – Scholastic Aptitude Test
SAT II – Subject Exam
ACT – American College Test


University of California SAT I & SAT II or ACT & SAT II
California State University SAT I or ACT

The lower the GPA, the higher the score required for admission.

The University of California and California State University have aligned their respective admission requirements. Part of this alignment has taken place in the area of electives, specifically a Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) requirement. Because of this new format the University system has adopted a phase-in approach to allow high schools time to develop courses to meet the requirement. 


  • Applicants will be required to present a full-year course in visual or performing arts.