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Club list

Club List

Club Advisor Day/Time/Location
3D Printing & Design Leyton Wednesdays, 3PM Rm 40
Academic Decathlon Okinaka Rm 36
Anime Joiner Mondays, 3PM Rm 18
Anomaly D. Gonzalez Tues., Lunch Rm 34
Art Club Furchner Thursdays, After School Rm 104
AVID Club Cruz/Warner Mondays, Pd 3 Rm 116
Business & Technology Jepson/Patterson 2nd Pd, Mondays Pd 3 Rm 81
California Scholarship Federation Kanter/Cruz 2nd Tuesday of 2nd/3rd quarters
Clay Club Estrada 3rd Pd Rm 103
Crochet For a Cure Sheffermiller Mon/Wed 3PM Rm 23
Food Drive Knowlton Wednesdays 3PM Rm 95
French Club Taylor 1st & 3rd Wed, 3PM Rm 14
Gender Sexuality Alliance B. Warner Tues & every other Wed Rm 115
Geology Club Leyton Pd 6 Rm 40
Glaive Yearbook Pashby Pd 2 Rm 231
Home Economics Club Miller Every other Wed or Thurs 3PM
Interact Club Yenney Every other Thurs 3PM Rm 38
Junior States of America Escalera Tuesdays 3PM rm 51
Key Club Coble Mondays, 3PM Rm 224
Korean Pop Culture Franco Mondays, 3PM Rm 110
Latin Dance Club Supina Tuesdays, 3PM Rm 17
Link Crew Melling/Ward 0 Pd, Rm 84/135
Miles for Montclair Thomas Tuesdays at Lunch Rm 52
Peer Support and Meditation Luebbers First Tuesday of Month, Pd 3 Rm 53
Pokemon Gamers Vela/Figuera Mon/Wed 3PM Rm 22
Pop Culture M. Smith Mondays, 3PM Rm 117
Promise Scholars D. Warner/Cruz Pd 3 Rm 112/116
Renaissance Castaneda/Franco 5th Pd Rm 127
Science Club Okinaka Tues/Thurs 3PM Rm 36
Slam Poetry Palas M-Th Pd 3/Wed 3PM Rm 233
S.T.A.N.D Maxwell M-TH Cav Academy Pd 3 Rm 232
Swing Club Aguilar Mon/Wed/Thurs 2nd Lunch Rm 78
Theatre Club Hill 3rd Pd once a month rm 106
UNICEF Okinaka Mondays, 3PM Rm 36
Urban Nature Club Ramsey Wednesdays, 3:10PM Rm 43
Band Ana  
Choir Rosas  
Cheer Cortes/Navarro  
Dance Haukom  
JROTC Lambert/Valenzuela